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"It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.  Then the victory is yours.  It cannot be taken from you."

"The harmony between body and mind leads to spiritual awakening."

About Us


Rita Roatis founded Rita's Harmonious Healing to provide the best and most innovative healing and recovery techniques to help patients improve holistic healing and overall life well-being.

Rita is a Registered Nurse (RN) and a Reiki Practitioner (Master 1).

IV Infusions




When taken orally, vitamins have to first pass through the G.I tract and then through the liver before it gets into your general (systemic) circulation. During this process, 70% - 80% of nutrients are lost, which means ONLY 20% - 30% is being absorbed by the body, also known as bioavailability. By utilizing IV drip therapy and vitamin shots, we can bypass the digestive system and go directly into the circulatory system allowing for almost 100% absorption, making vitamin therapy the most effective way to quickly and safely deliver nutrients, antioxidants, and electrolytes into your body. By providing your body with essential nutrients, we can treat a wide range of conditions, relieve hangovers, combat aging, reduce stress, boost immunity, hydrate the body, and improve mental clarity, just to name a few.



IV Infusion
Tuning Fork

IV Infusion Benefits


IV therapy has long been used in the medical field to replace fluids quickly and safely for those struggling with dehydration. Over the past 10 years, however, IV therapy has grown rapidly outside the hospital to become the rejuvenating go-to for celebrities and elite athletes. IV therapy can help treat more than dehydration and is actually best used as a preventative treatment for whole-body wellness. Through IV therapy, guests can boost energy and metabolism levels, increase natural anti-aging properties, support the immune system, and improve muscle recovery. IV drip therapy is the most effective way to quickly and safely deliver nutrients, antioxidants, and electrolytes into your body. Providing your body with these nutrients, may benefit a wide range of conditions, relieve hangovers, combat aging, improve athletic performance, reduce stress, boost immunity, hydrate the body, and improve mental clarity.

Nervous System

Reiki has the capacity to heal every aspect of the body, on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  Reiki is commonly used in these areas of treatment: Illness, Recovery, Injuries, Pain, Well-being, Stress, Relief, Regulation, Hormonal, Relaxing, Emotional, Detox, and Insomnia.

Tuning Fork Benefits

Provides an instantaneous deep states of relaxation.  Improves mental clarity and brain function.  Relieves Depression and Anxiety.  Increases your level of physical energy and mental concentration.  Integrates left and right brain thought patterns.  Can help regulate hormones.  Helps you sleep more soundly and dream more vividly.  Reduces arthritis pain.  Helps overcome addicitons of all kinds.  Brings your nervous system into balance.

Head Massage
Hand Reflexology

Alleviate eye strain.  Relieve anxiety and stress.  Deep relaxation of head, neck, and sholders.  Deep Relaxation and feeling of total Well-being. Utilizing neurovascular points of the head to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage to neck, face, and head.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

(ALA) has historically been used to mitigate toxic insults to the liver. ALA is also a nutrient cofactor involved in mitochondrial function, thus supporting energy production in the cells. Studies indicate that a higher amount of alpha-lipoic acid – 600-1,800 mg daily – is most effective for neurological support and helping to maintain mental sharpness.


Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that may help protect the body from disease, slow cancer progression, and improve insulin sensitivity, among other benefits.

What are benefits of glutathione?
  • Antioxidant activity. Free radicals may contribute to aging and some diseases.

  • Preventing cancer progression.

  • Reducing cell damage in liver disease.

  • Improving insulin sensitivity.

  • Reducing symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

  • Reducing ulcerative colitis damage.

  • Treating autism spectrum disorders.

Want to feel happier and more energized?


Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide ( NAD +) can help! Boosting level of NAD+ has been shown to improve overall energy levels, cognition, and mental clarity.What are the benefits? NAD+ is a coenzyme that powers metabolic processes and impacts a wide variety of systems including digestion, cognitive, mental clarity, aging, and overall energy levels. NAD+ increases our body’s level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with mood regulation, and can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. NAD+ plays a role in cell health and in hundreds of cell functions such as DNA repair, circadian rhythm, metabolism, muscle function, tissue repair and cognitive function.

Immunity Booster

Whether it’s from stresses of everyday life, the impact of seasonal epidemics, or any other conditions, we’ll quickly start to feel the I’ll effects if our immune system is under attack. For this reason, we offer the invaluable Immunity Boost Drip


It is a comprehensive infusion of some of the key cellular ingredients needed for optimal energy and a healthy immune system. It strengthens the immune system, cellular defense, and improves mental clarity. This infusion can also relive the silent inflammatory process that are an underlying cause of progressive aging and frequent infections.


Our Healthy Gut drip is designed to reduce inflammation and strengthen the intestinal lining of the GI TRACT . Zinc and L- glutamine both reduce intestinal permeability”leaky gut” closing the tight-junction between intestinal cells and thus protecting us from over-activating our immune systems and setting off inflammation.
L-arginine is included in this IV DRIP because it raises the levels of IGF-1(the active form of Growth Hormone) a critical component in maintaining GI integrity.
The other ingredients are antioxidants, such as vitamin C and glutathione, which are important protectors of the mucous layer and cells of the intestinal tract, shielding against the dam
age done from intestinal inflammation.


For best results, a Healthy Gut drip  should be repeated it every 2 weeks for at least 3-4 times to see results.



Looking for an all-natural way to improve your health and vitality MYERS COCKTAIL may be just what you need! Made with unique blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. MYERS cocktail can help boost your energy levels, improve your mood, and promote overall disease prevention.



Drip IV Tri-Immune Boost Formula is a triple defense immunity formula that consists of potent antioxidants and an essential mineral that assists in supporting the body’s immune response. Tri-Immune Boost is a power packed immunity, planned of Glutathione , Ascorbic Acid and Zinc that  is the ultimate immune system enhancer. This high concentration blend of immune system boosting essentials helps maintain a healthy immune response.


  • Increase Immune Response

  • Maintain Healthy Immune System

  • Decrease Inflammation

  • Aid in Wound Healing

  • Strengthen Weakened Immune System


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Rita's Harmonious Healing

(773) 807-4922

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