"It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.  Then the victory is yours.  It cannot be taken from you."

"The harmony between body and mind leads to spiritual awakening."




Rita Roatis founded Rita's Harmonious Healing to provide the best and most innovative healing and recovery techniques to help patients improve holistic healing and overall life well-being.

Rita is a Registered Nurse (RN) and a Reiki Practitioner (Master 1).



Tuning Fork

Energetic Acupressure Tuning Fork - Liver and Pancreatic Cancer

Energetic Acupressure Tuning Fork - Lymphatic System

Energetic Acupressure Tuning Fork - Lower Back Pain & Restless Leg Syndrome

Energetic Acupressure Tuning Fork - Lung Cancer & Spinal Flush

Tuning Fork Sound Therapy - Spinal Flush Therapy

Tuning fork for Neurovascular

Sound Therapy Training for the Feet - Tuning Fork



Hand Reflexology

Ayurvedic Head Massage



Reiki Practitioner, Level III

Reiki For The Nervous System

Reiki For Addiction,
Reiki Cranial Fascia

Reiki Cupping Massage Therapy for Legs

Reiki Cupping Massage for Spinal Flush

Reiki Cupping Massage Therapy for Neck and Shoulders

All Certifications granted from the authority of:


MSI Healing Wellness Center

2144 Ashland Ave, Suite #1 Evanston, IL 60201




Nervous System

Reiki has the capacity to heal every aspect of the body, on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  Reiki is commonly used in these areas of treatment: Illness, Recovery, Injuries, Pain, Well-being, Stress, Relief, Regulation, Hormonal, Relaxing, Emotional, Detox, and Insomnia.

Tuning Fork

Tuning Fork Benefits

Provides an instantaneous deep states of relaxation.  Improves mental clarity and brain function.  Relieves Depression and Anxiety.  Increases your level of physical energy and mental concentration.  Integrates left and right brain thought patterns.  Can help regulate hormones.  Helps you sleep more soundly and dream more vividly.  Reduces arthritis pain.  Helps overcome addicitons of all kinds.  Brings your nervous system into balance.

Head Massage
Hand Reflexology

Alleviate eye strain.  Relieve anxiety and stress.  Deep relaxation of head, neck, and sholders.  Deep Relaxation and feeling of total Well-being. Utilizing neurovascular points of the head to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage to neck, face, and head.


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